As a lifelong artist, Isabelle Foti is always looking for the next opportunity to translate their everyday experiences into artistic expressions. She graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a Fine Arts degree in Animation. Isabelle grew up painting in acrylic and oil but later found her true medium - watercolor. As her talent grew so did her commission work in portraiture. Isabelle is interested in how psychology is manifested through art. She uses color and shading as a tool to express human emotions in her work. 


Once arriving at college, Isabelle changed her focus to animation. She spent the last two years creating work in 2D and 3D hand-drawn animation. She has also expressed herself through photography, installation, and painting. Her approach and output are constantly evolving as she hones their personal style. However, they refuse to be typecast and work hard to ensure they do not repeat themselves. No matter what, Isabelle Foti approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.